Experience That Drives Results

Applied Innovation, Inc. is the answer to the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry’s need for software that perfectly balances emerging technologies and consumer trends with industry rules and regulations. By utilizing our over 50 years of experience in the receivables management industry and 75+ years of experience in technology, we are shaping the future of receivables management through increased compliance, reduced risk, and an improved consumer experience–all of which drive bottom-line results and profitability for our collection agency clients.

50 years of combined experience in the receivables management industry
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The Applied Innovation Difference

At Applied Innovation, our approach to product development is simple; we listen to the evolving needs of collection agencies and their consumers. Our product development cycle is driven by customer feedback, agency profitability, and compliance. We partner with each business to understand the intricacies of daily operations and processes, then evolve our products and services to provide the most modern, compliant, and cutting-edge ARM industry technology solutions that create increased revenue for our clients.

Our Leadership Team