The Innovative PayStream™ Platform

Applied Innovation’s 24/7 PayStream Virtual Collector and the 24/7 PayStream Xpress Pay portal are the most versatile collection tools on the market. The PayStream consumer portal creates an advanced consumer experience with every type of communication, payment, and account management tool an agency requires. With customized negotiation tools, unparalleled reporting and documentation options, a fully-branded portal, and so much more, our fully-customizable consumer portal increases compliance and agent productivity while reducing overhead cost.

The innovative paystream platform

Applied Innovation offers the technology an agency needs to unlock expanded profitability while providing the most comprehensive tools and services collection agencies need to meet the rigorous demands of the accounts receivable management industry. We also provide a dedicated Client Support team for ongoing setup, tutorials, support, and training as needed throughout the lifetime of the account to ensure the maximization of the value of our technology and tools.

Payments Made Simple for Consumers

Consumers can set up pay in full, settlement in full, partial, recurring payment plans, and a host of other consumer account management tools. For quick one-time payments, Applied Innovation’s PayStream Xpress Pay Portal allows for compliant one-time payments for consumers at a fraction of the cost of a live collector recording sensitive information over the phone or via email.

Payments Made Simple for Consumers
PayStream’s innovative online payment portal is enhanced by our proprietary Negotiator tool

Customized Negotiation

PayStream’s innovative online payment portal is enhanced by our proprietary Negotiator tool. Agencies can configure PayStream to follow the same negotiation process practiced in their office, saving valuable time by eliminating the need for live collection agents calling hundreds of individual accounts. The Negotiator tool is intuitively designed to accept a custom margin of acceptable payment and settlement plans that is specifically designated by the agency.

Request Documents At Any Time

PayStream’s documentation tools extend beyond the individual consumer experience. Agencies can request all documents associated with a consumer account any time they are required. Full reports on each account’s remaining balance, scheduled payments, and more are available based on user permissions. Clients can assign permissions for detailed reports while hosting an unlimited number of users for each account. Account permissions are designated by each agency and can be modified as new employees come onboard. Agencies may even change when each account report is updated from once a day to every five minutes.

Profile information for making payment

Enhanced Communication Options

Secure and compliant, our paperless communication and dispute options allow collection agencies to give their consumers more choices in a digital environment. Paperless communication offerings allow for consumers to opt-in to email and SMS text communications, eliminating the thousands of dollars agencies spend on mail each year. PayStream’s dispute and feedback tools can be enabled by the client and provide a compliant and secure messaging service for consumers and clients to discuss their accounts.