Can our creditor clients batch upload accounts to our CAW portal?2023-01-31T16:05:50+00:00

Yes, your clients can upload excel spreadsheets, docx or other types of batch files to upload accounts.

Do you offer Reports for clients and agency users?2023-01-31T16:06:14+00:00

Yes, client or agency users can create their own defined reports to analyze targeted data.

Will the portal be tailored to look and feel like my own portal?2023-01-31T16:06:35+00:00

Yes you define the logos and the content across CAW and PayStream, and brand to your liking.

Must our organization be utilizing a specific CRM to subscribe to Applied Innovation’s platforms?2022-05-09T16:06:12+00:00

No, we have relationships with most collection software systems.

Does Applied Innovation offer a CRM?2022-05-09T16:11:11+00:00

We are not a CRM. Applied Innovation can integrate with most existing collection software providers.

How often should a user update their data on the Applied Innovation system?2022-05-09T16:11:43+00:00

You can schedule our propriety Conduit system to update your data batch process as often as every 5 minutes, or as infrequently as every 24 hours. Most agencies update once per day, overnight.

What data does a user typically send to Applied Innovation when utilizing a solution?2022-05-09T16:12:11+00:00

Any consumer data that is housed within an agency’s CRM can be presented in the portals.  Account notes can be customized to only import select amounts such as the last 3-5 lines.  You can also regulate notes presentment base on individual client settings.

Is Applied Innovation a payment industry processor or gateway?2022-05-09T16:12:27+00:00

No, we are processor agnostic, so our clients can use their preferred merchant services provider.  We also work with a number of payment gateways in the ARM space.

Are consumers required to create an account with credentials on the PayStream portal?2022-05-09T16:12:46+00:00

No, consumers can make a onetime payment with PayStream Xpress without creating a username and password.  To view all accounts and the payment negotiation platform, credentials would have to be created by the consumer.

Does PayStream only facilitate consumer payments or is there other functionality?2022-05-13T17:02:21+00:00

Much more functionality. Consumers can view all of their accounts, communicate with the agency through secure messaging, review payment receipts, refer to recurring payment plan dates for future debits, and dispute accounts if dispute buttons are activated.

How long has Applied Innovation been in business?2022-05-09T16:13:27+00:00

Since 2001

Does Applied Innovation offer customer support to assist with training, platform functionality and enhanced functionality?2022-05-09T16:13:43+00:00

Applied Innovation solutions all come with unlimited support and training for the lifetime of your account.

What data security measures are incorporated at Applied Innovation so users can feel comfortable with data placed on their system?2022-05-09T16:15:50+00:00

Fully PCI compliant with SOC2 certification. All data is securely encrypted at rest and fully in transit using the latest encryption standards.

Is my organization too small or too large to experience the power of Applied Innovation’s resources?2022-05-09T16:16:11+00:00

We work with businesses of all sizes, and our pricing model ensures no business is too small to utilize our resources.

Does Applied Innovation offer functionality allowing consumers to consent to electronic forms of communication?2022-05-09T16:16:36+00:00

Yes, our PayStream solution allows consumers to opt in or out of electronic communications, so they can receive payment reminders, receipts, or any other information via text or email.

Does Applied Innovation operate outside the US?2022-05-09T16:16:54+00:00

Yes, we currently have clients operating in Canada and Australia in addition to all 50 states.

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