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The Applied Innovation Difference

Our services come with unlimited training and support for the lifetime of the account. Applied Innovation actively works with clients to resolve questions, set up wizards, manage support tools, and train new staff as they come onboard. Our clients can reach out to our dedicated Client Support team for help on any of our products or services at any time. Our goal is to ensure that each customer is satisfied before, during, and after the onboarding process–for the life of the account.

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Working Together For Peak Profitability

Our software is only as good as the people that stand behind it, and our Client Support team is the backbone of the “Applied Innovation Difference.” Our Client Support team is responsive and available via telephone at 509.886.3100 or toll free at 800.589.5651, email at, and our online portals. Submit requests for training, required support, and more via our secure messaging system built into ClientAccessWeb™ and PayStream™. We work tirelessly to ensure that each client continues to maximize the value of our technology and tools to continually achieve the utmost customer satisfaction and highest levels of compliance and agent productivity for peak profitability.

Working Together From The Beginning

Applied Innovation is not satisfied until the client is. As we begin the onboarding process, Applied Innovation’s Client Support team will work until our services work, look, and respond the way they are needed to. Customized with each company’s data, logo, and information, our client and consumer portals can be uniquely designed to fit each customer’s branding and style. We work to match each client’s vision.

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Convenience Clients Prefer

Our collection services can be integrated with most collection software platforms, giving Applied Innovation a leg up in the marketplace. If our customer is looking for a more hands-off approach, Applied Innovation has automated conduits that will update our software to avoid any unnecessary calls, emails, or messages. Our customers receive support when they need it, not when it’s inconvenient.

Unlimited training and support for the lifetime of the account; we mean it.

Unlimited training and support for the lifetime of the account; we mean it.