ClientAccessWeb™ –
Client Management Solutions

ClientAccessWeb is the foundation and access point for our integrated data platforms. Clients can connect to everything necessary to monitor secure and organized account-level data, dashboards, secure client and inter-departmental messaging, reports, and tasks between creditors and outsourced receivables management vendors

Users enjoy seamless integration with the PayStream and Papyrus platforms with customized user access and permissions. The platform provides flexible customization to meet a wide variety of client needs. Color schemes, logos, and branding are customizable throughout the interface so users can ensure clear brand identity and representation.

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Empowering Clients with Data on Demand

Client Access Web users may grant granular user permissions so clients can access account data anytime. Allow clients to review payments, pull reports, and perform account inquiries with no hassle. Not only will users appreciate the ease of access to information, but internal resources will be optimized and the need for one-off emails and inquiries will be reduced. Clients can customize their own dashboards for quick anytime access to performance statistics and more.

Applied Innovation client access web reports data on demand
Screen displaying a number of user on a client administration tab

User Permissions

There is no limit to the number of users that can be added, and restrictions can be set internally to determine the level of account detail available. (Call Notes, for instance, can be restricted, limited, or fully accessible, with visibility varying based on individual client preferences.) Permissions and access are all within the subscriber´s control, adjustable through the Client Access Web interface.

Data Privacy

The ClientAccessWeb platform allows the ability to create granular account access. The administrative manager of ABC Hospital System, for instance, can be configured with full access (“parent” account), while a member of the system—Dr. X’s office—can be granted limited permissions to view account records pertinent only to that office’s patients (“offspring” account). In an environment where data privacy is paramount, customizable restrictions increase compliance while reducing risk for clients.

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Applied Innovation client web private messaging screen

Solving Business Processes with Secure Messaging

Securely communicate with clients on the automatically encrypted messaging solution built into the Client Access Web interface. Avoid the necessity for additional encryption methods and reduce the chance of important emails being overlooked. The secure messaging feature is designed to be used frequently, but less frequent users can opt to receive email notifications when a message is received on the platform. Clients can respond to messages or initiate outgoing messages on the platform. Messages can also be sent internally among teams.

File Uploads

At the point of initial staging and onboarding, we work closely with clients for a complete porting of data into the system. From that point forward, users can quickly load new inbound client placements and automate routine data updates using our automated file transfer software. PayStream data can also be set to update nightly or more frequently into the Client Access Web system to ensure comprehensive data and reporting accuracy.